LaiLA Concept
- The Ultimate Laverda Triple classic racer -


- What is LaiLA?

This is the ultimate Laverda race bike as imagined by Franz Laimboeck, former motorcyclist champion in the 70s and famous engineer.

- What about the goal?

Franz Laimboeck intends to perform the bike in historic events in Europe under Laverda Corse maybe in late 2012 or 2013 onward. It will not be an endurance racer, it is aiming towards short track racing and GP style of - say - the years 1975/76. The aim of the bike is to perform at best lap times in historic events. This means that tires, brakes, suspension, chassis are at least as important as gearbox along with a very powerfull - easy to ride and fast engine. 

Everything should be within the technical capabilities and availability of the years 1975.

- What's the historic background of the project?

The chassis and general layout of the bike was on Franz's drawing board in summer 1975, proposed to Laverda Austrian importer Sulzbacher for sponsorship and later on in that year the project turned into something more (too) revolutionary - the non-frame concept with the fuel tank under the engine - now in the Cor Dees museum in the Netherlands.  

The study of 1975 featured the Rob North style chassis and a two in one upswept exhaust system for cylinder 1 and 3 and a lower underneath single megaphone for the central cylinder was exiting on the left side. It was using the 180deg crankshaft firing sequence and it seemed logical to merge cylinder 1 and 3 in one and have a separate central megaphone for the central cylinder with 180deg firing offset. Beside this it looked very "racey" with an upswept exhaust.

- Is there a plan to duplicate the bike or build a small batch?

As this is a pure race bike, it - or parts of it - will not be for sale and not be duplicated. Franz Laimboeck owns all the 3D CAD files and also the chassis, bodywork, engine and frame jig files, all under copyright.

- What's the next step?

The chassis and bodywork are now built. They are currently (November 2010) receiving an anticorrosion treatment and paint, then they will be tested very soon with a road engine.
Then the work will begin on the engine. Changes and modifications are so numerous that Franz thinks that 2 years will be necessarty to achieve what will be probably the ultimate Laverda triple engine of all time.

Check this website for updates about the project.

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