LaiLA Concept
- The Ultimate Laverda Triple classic racer -

Technical data:

Wheelbase theoretical min.1428mm to max.1454mm  

Wheel load distribution: max. weight forward

Distance crankshaft to front axle at full rebound 634mm 

RSU fork 43mm fork legs, emulator damping, suspension travel 100mm, spring rate 8.88 N/mm

Twin Rear Shocks, 94mm suspension travel

Front Wheel 18" spocked, 40 spokes

Front Axle 25mm 

Rear Wheel 18" spocked, 36 spokes

Rear axle 25mm

Rear Hub with Cush Drive

Chain 530 Racing

Chainline +106mm (original Laverda +90mm)

Swingarm length 489mm

Swingarm pivot conical roller bearings, sealed

Secondary gear front sprocket: 18T, 19, 20

Secondary gear rear: 38T, 39, 40, 41 

Frame & Swingarm Material 4130 = 24CrMo4, HeliArc welded, Aircraft spec.

Frame & Swingarm outside Epoxy primer, inside CorrosionX Aircraft spec. protection  

Headstock Angle 65.7deg

Headstock length 183mm Trail 97mm

Triple clamps 7076T6 NC machined, anodized, conical roller bearings sealed

Triple Clamp pivot axle 30mm

Lean Angle clearance: 51 deg left & right, both suspensions fully compressed 

Crankshaft above ground at full rebound 438.5mm  

Steering angle 21deg left & right  

Adjustable NSK steering damper

Dry weight targeted: 158kg

First type of engine (respect of the classic race regulation): 144 hp at 9400 rpm (1199cc)

Engine data: 1200cc Bore 82.96mm, Stroke 74.0mm, Rated Speed 9700rpm, Compression Ratio 10.8:1, Twin Spark, Ports & Combustion Chamber 5Axis simultaneous CNC Machining, Intake Valve D45.0mm, Exhaust Valve D39.0mm, Valve Lift 12.4mm, AVL-Schrick Valve Springs, Exhaust Opening Duration 308degCA, Intake Opening Duration 308degCA, Valve Overlap Opening 4.5mm each, 6 Camshaft Bearings each, Vernier Cam Sprockets, PHM 38mm RoundBore Carburetors, ELKO-Mahle-Koenig Nikasil Bore - Torque Honing, Fine Honing, 2 Piston Rings, Piston mass 190g, Piston Pin OD18.0mm, Conrod Length 150.0mm, Ceramic Needle Bigend Bearing, PEEK cage 36x46x22.7 Original LAVERDA Castings Cylinderhead, Cylinder, Crankcase CAD on PTC ProE WF4, 1D Thd on GTPower

To be continued.... Check this site regularly...


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