LaiLA Concept
- The Ultimate Laverda Triple classic racer -


First came the efforts and investments in CAD hours. Although achieving a 3D design is already time consuming and needs a very rigorous work, conceiving a race bike with the goal to be competitive in classic championships obviously takes years of hard work. Given that any 3D CAD and analysis for a whole new bike including engine takes about 11 000 hours, this gives an idea of all the work done and the work still to come.

These images were produced by Franz Laimboeck himself. He used some of the ideas he had for his 1975 project (upswept megaphones, Rob North style frame) then adapted all the most recent knowledge in chassis geometry, suspension and quality materials.

Building a pure race bike means that everything has to be carefully analyzed such as frame, suspensions, ground clearance, agility and stability, position of the engine in the frame, etc...

The original 1975 design mentioned a 180 degr . engine, it displayed 2 exhausts, one 2 into 1 upswept megaphone for the cylinders 1 and 3, and another one in the lower position for the central cylinder.
Depending of the engine which will be used, the images are prepared for two different options, a 3 into 1 in lower position or a set of 2 upswept megaphones and a central megaphone exiting in the lower position.

Tyre widths are 120-18 in front and 180-18 in the rear.



This nice view shows that the engine is slightly offset to the RHS. The alignment between the 2 sprockets is one reason, but this is also the only way to get an evenly distributed ground clearance on both sides. Lean angle is 51 deg. on either side, with both suspensions fully compressed.


The bike with the suspensions fully compressed
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